Full Moon Screening + Panel

Last night was a first for me! I had the opportunity and extreme pleasure of sitting on a panel next to some extraordinary women whom I admire and respect in the action sports industry: Kim Woozy Founder of Mahfia.TV, Jen Gurecki Founder of Coalition Snow, and Katie Babineau Global Social for GoPro, where we discussed women and snowboarding after screening the badass women’s snowboard film Full Moon.


First off these women are amazing and inspiring and I am so lucky to continually find myself in the same room as them, learning about how to run an inspired business and how to be a boss lady. Thanks for being mentors and always speaking your mind!

Second: GUYS - this was my FIRST panel discussion, and yes I was nervous (still getting over that fear of public speaking) but it was so fun getting to share my opinions about being vulnerable, social media, women, snowboarding, and being stoked.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.23.20 AM.png

Third: Full Moon Film -  thank you Leanne Pelosi and all the other renegade women from this movie for being your radical selves and continually pushing snowboarding to the next level. I don't think I've ever seen so many women in one snow flick shredding pow in Alaska. I was inspired at every scene from the camaraderie and pure fun to the line choices and epic skill level of everyone involved. This film really radiated the joy that comes out of snowboarding, and pretty much sums up why I snowboard for the ecstasy you feel on a powder day, the friendships, the progression, the freedom.

Photo: Ben Girardi

Photo: Ben Girardi

Leanne Pelosi Photo: Jussi Grznar

Leanne Pelosi Photo: Jussi Grznar

Fourth: a BIG Thank You to The Women's Sports Film Festival - this is all coming full circle for me, and it’s a truly amazing lens to look through. I was a Sports Management Major at the University of Michigan, played traditional team sports, and have worked in the sports industry in some sort of capacity for the past 15 years, so to be a part of a film festival that highlights women's pursuit in sport is a true manifestation of my life’s work. Sport for me, has always been about athleticism, the outdoors, progression, teamwork. The outdoors and outdoor pursuits are what make a happy life and sport and play is the cumulation of that. I haven't strayed too far from what I thought my life's purpose was back in college of working in sport, it's just shifted and changed. My pursuit for a meaningful life is directly connected to snowboarding since it's both an athletic and creative endeavor that promotes freedom and friendship, and includes elements of personal growth.

I’ve found that the best pathway to lasting happiness is to take on meaningful challenges and strive toward constant self-improvement, and when possible, to give back to your community. Active lifestyles promote all of these things. My active lifestyle has led me to this point - I took on a meaningful challenge, an opportunity to improve myself, and give back to the action sports/snowboarding community that has give so much to me. It was an honor to be given the opportunity to sit on this panel with these women discussing one of my favorite topics.

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