A Natural Progression of Small Things

I just re-read this article “A Natural Progression of Small Things" BY BRENDAN LEONARD from Adventure Journal (2014) and it really hit home for me this year. With already ringing in the year 2015 and my 32nd birthday coming in hot it’s sometimes hard to not compare my life to my friends and look back at the choices I’ve made. But in the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, which I am usually not a fan of because they are usually so grandiose that they never get accomplished, lets  go ahead and not actually  call this a resolution, but a life lesson from Herb and Jan Conn, who really knew how to live a happy life:

“I know sometimes people think we had this high dream of living like this, in a place like this…it wasn’t that way. We just kept backing away from the things we didn’t like. This is where we landed.”

This really resonated with me and I've repurposed their thoughts on life into my own words so I can look back at it as one of my life’s mantras:

Follow your heart to do the daily things you love and by that, you’ll manage to put together an amazing life